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  There’s a wonderful line, a Scriptural quote in the movie “Chariots of Fire” near its end, where a competing runner hands a note to one of the film’s leading characters, as he enters a race he’s unprepared for, because of a principled stand he’s taken.


  The note reads: “In the old Book it says, he who honors Me, I will also honor.”  I’d like to think that is what has driven the spirit of this work, without any hope of honor, just the sharing of higher Truths as I’ve come to understand them.


  Near the film’s end, that character’s reflection as he runs that race, repeating something he’d said to someone early in the movie, is:  “I believe God made me for a purpose – and when I run, I feel His pleasure” as he approaches the tape at the finish line.


  This is something, a Grace I’ve felt many times during the composition of this work.


   Like the runner in the film, when I write, I sense God’s nearness.

   And it's my belief, that while some of these messages seem personal to me, that they're meant as guidances to every reader who believes, as directed at them. 

  So please do take them personally as though directed at, and meant for you.

        April 12, 2015


   “Even today may a follower of Mine hear My voice if they will but attune themselves to hear. Impressions of words, guidances and whole instructive sentences can come to the mind and heart open and ready to receive.


   Did I not say I was with you always? What benefit our companionship if it is one of silences alone? Even in Earthly friendships where quiet can bring moments of tender trust – if never broken by any converse or unspoken contact, touch, wouldn’t their fraternity hold just a fragment of Love’s beauty?


   I am with you all ways, and the fullness of that Friendship is continually yours – and to everyone who wishes it. Everyone.”





      June 4, 2018


   “Intemperate are the ways of many of My children. Theirs are days filled with the search and struggle for things that will never satisfy their innermost yearning – the desire of their souls to re-unite with the Divine.


   Tell them.


   Tell them of the wonders that await all who accept my gift of guidance, of shelter from all storms – and the Peace that passes all understanding for all they who seek My Presence and my Friendship, my Love.”



       August 30, 2021


   “There is no time to waste, no failings to entertain, no compromises to indulge, in this important hour. Soon you will see other things unfolding in your work on My behalf. Some of these may startle, others come as gentle whisperings. Let My guidance come to you as a tender breeze, and allow its nuances to motivate and inspire your day.

  Remember, heaven’s angels are waiting for their play to begin – expect the miraculous with laughter.”





From the 2009 playbill for the dramatic comedy, ‘God Touches’.




     September 27, 2021


 “Live each day in the moment, shortcomings from the past leave behind, they are smaller than you know compared to the beauty of an ongoing, consecrated life. Keep an attentive ear to my knocking at the door of your responsive consciousness, and it will be well with you. Soon people will be helped in ways you can only now dimly imagine, beyond your apprehension in scope, events wonderful indeed.

  Again I say, Rejoice.”





     October 5, 2021


 “There is no element of your time more important than converse with Me, your attentiveness to my whisperings, your keeping in my presence. The more you remain conscious of this, the greater becomes your anticipation towards performance of the next task I have for you...

  Try now, each day, each moment, to be in this space of recognition – as the more you try, the greater will become your sensitivity to my promptings, and the wonders these hold in store for you and everyone."



  From a dream the night preceding the morning message (above):










"I was riding in the passenger seat of an open-air vehicle, through a wildlife preserve. We came upon a baby doe and when we stopped in front of it, the doe trotted over to us and jumped into my lap, all shiny wet and black eyes with white freckles along its brown, furry snout. We just cuddled, it was a sweet embrace in the moment, before I awoke.”




     October 7, 2021


  “Instead of falling prey to weakness, embrace the strength you can receive from Me that is always yours for the asking. The time is here, now, for a focused contemplation and attention to your work, with an ear, a hearing, inclined to my slightest whispers, which hold blessings for you and everyone you meet.


  Begin today this practice and you will see that which appears as serendipity belies something greater, all planned, organized, for joyful unfoldments of truth, kindnesses and love in a world in need of each of these at all times, in every place.”



    October 17, 2021


 “Inevitably there will come days where a sense of failure or fatigue will touch your walk with Me. Do not be led by these, but rather keep your eyes fixed on the road ahead, on the goal of oneness with the only thing, with the only Presence that will satisfy.


  Be still and know that I am near, never to condemn nor judge, rather to encourage and energize. All is well, and all will be well, when you see with the eye of the spirit within you, and you shall. Stay at all times in the moment, undaunted always, with a kind attitude towards all – your ever-present condition.


  There is no better companion in Being than this one, of Love for everyone you meet.”





     October 27, 2021


  “In advance of the hour for the revelation and unfoldment to begin, do immerse yourself in the reading and study of the scriptures, asking for the truest spirit that is in them to reside in you. Then without concern for memorization, consider all such effort a refreshing and a renewal of your better understandings.


  With each passing day then will come an increase in the certainty and beauty of what you, with others, are about in the advancement of My return.


  Dismiss all else, anything that hinders this commitment to loving service you have made, that the world may know My love for all its children, unburdened by fears of a terrible judgment that is no part of our Father’s plan.


  Walk every day in a spirit of generosity, of kindness towards everyone you meet, for all are your sisters, your brothers, in our one eternal family of Being – and this schoolroom of Earth with its necessary experiences, loves and challenges, you will see was indeed just a stepping stone towards that which worked in you, and led all, to “a more exceeding and eternal weight of Glory.”




     November 8, 2021


  “It is the highest essence of Love to embrace what comes one’s way with a spirit of welcome, with an inclination to acceptance that defies all perceived good in life. Because there is in all of spirit life an eagerness to progress to the next higher level of Being, of Consciousness, however difficult or distant the goal may seem.


  Let this wonder of spiritual curiosity be with you this day, holding as it does the needed measure of Love in its grasp, in its embrace. A kindly look towards a “stranger,” a smile, has such power in the moment to impart this energy of acceptance and recognition – that all are interconnected, and on the deepest levels OF the same Light.





     November 11, 2021


  “Giving Me the moments, as I request them, is one of the most difficult concepts each servant of Mine is given to practice, learn from and succeed in. A personal thing postponed or left altogether, in favor of a suggested service to me, and of recognition in the moment that such does indeed come from Me, is a subtle advance in growth of consciousness and a needed one.


  Practiced with diligence, with failings to do so left behind, it sensitizes the inner ear to my smallest promptings – to perform this or that action, replying with the most helpful words in any circumstance to the benefit of everyone concerned. This is the apex of service toward the Kingdom’s promotion in life, it is the near magical touch on responsive hearts and minds that will bless them the most at any given time, in any situation.


  This is not a new teaching, it is one you know – and now is the time for you to pay the closest heed in your dedication to service, to the commitment you and others have made, for this hour and season.”





     November 19, 2021


 “Imperiled are the hearts of so many, who live each day embraced by a culture of hurtful things:  in saturating media, in music harmful to their spirit of Light – that dims and diminishes its higher frequencies – in conversational exchanges while immersed in a soup of ego-driven conventions and unknowing acceptances.


  While at their innermost being, a whispered guidance waits to lead them to a better place, to a comforting Joy that can be theirs, and shifts souls away from adopted harms. At the center of all hearts is this still-small Voice, ever pulsing with encouraging words and inspiring images… and all that is needed for personal growth, is its heeding in the moment.


  Encourage all to incline and listen to this My voice, for in telepathic silence it comes, gently knocking, its authenticity wrapped in the soothing it provides, in tender whisperings.”




     November 22, 2021


  “It is not antipathy towards one’s spiritual nature that blocks so many of My followers from accelerating in growth, it is neutrality towards it. It is its ‘aside’ placement in everyday affairs, a recognized Presence kept at arms length until only a demanding need or crisis arises:  When progress in their state of being – physical, mental and spiritual – would sweetly expand if that ‘aside’ status was pulled into center; ready to be called upon  in every moment, yielding the straightest course to soul development.


  Be as one who leaves this neutrality behind, so the expansive condition that comes from constant prayer brings its tender increase to brighten each hour. Each day lived this way, with Me, will cause the chords of your soul to vibrate with Love and the fullness of Joy.”





     November 29, 2021


  “There will come what appear to be disappointments in your walk with Me, but these were foreknown. My followers are adept in their devotions, but many are confused by false doctrines they have accepted as mine, as evolved from my teaching and are hesitant, fearful, to accept something new.


  Do not be deterred in your own commitment to following my will for you, and everyone. In time, with new revelations and events, these reluctances will decline and disappear altogether, from the beauty of the miraculous that will ensue, and be undenied.


  I am a Friend who cannot fail, and will not disappoint, in our walk together. Trust that all is well, with you and the unfolding plan, for the betterment of all humanity.”





     December 8, 2021  


 “In each day there comes a moment with the inspiration to be still, to listen, simply to be. Pay heed to these as they give invitation to further growth, to a deeper sensitivity and understanding of your nearness to Me. When weaknesses assail, when distractions surface, draw Me closer as a sure shield from these. I am your friend and brother, as well as the Lord you call on in times of need.


  Let this ever be a source of comfort, and live in its certainty – especially in this, the Advent Season: the babe of the manger I was, the risen Christ I Am still, for you and for everyone.


  As with the Father, He recognizes all as His children, while not all recognize Him as their father. So it is I came to save not just a few, but a World; and while not all recognize this gift, it is given still to all. Advantages abide in the acceptance, but no eternal suffering or exclusions reside in its denial.


  Take Joy then in this our friendship, and breathe my name often, drawing in its uplifting air.


 Yes, Jesus, just breathe in my name when you feel alone, and there will come solace to your spirit, a calming sureness that all is well.


  Then bring the generosity of Christmas, of the Christ Mass with its tender devotions and spirit of Love, into all you do, towards that inner life of triumph and Joy whose frequencies may touch all, in empathetic waves.”




     December 27, 2021


  “In our walk together incline your inner hearing to My voice, and let words flow into the silence, knowing they are Mine. There is an ease in their transmission, an assuring comfort… let them be. Let the words arrive from that ‘Still, small voice’, each one set down without restraint or circumspection in the moment. You will see, appearing at the finish, turns of phrase and nuances in cadence that, unexpected, will delight your sense of construct, even your love of rhyme.


  Be ever sensitive to My knocking at the door of your inner spirit then, requesting your attention in the moment. After, without pause that brings delay, simply stay in the silence of our Friendship, in the smiling alliterations it can inspire…


  I Am at the center of all Being, yours and everyone’s, but so few understand this truth in Time – and even some who may, stumble in its urging toward the only thing that satisfies:  experiencing the Heavenly kingdom I said is all around and inside of all – in a tender frequency of Love and Joy – that heightens consciousness and changes lives forever.


“This New Year let time in this place of Being be your resolution, which inhabits the same space, holds in parallel to all you see – and all will be well with you, and everyone who strives for it.


As is written in Psalms, the Kingdom of God is ever within you.”





     January 4, 2022


  “Invite Me into your day and there will come times when I will make of it a wonder.


  Events will occur carrying sweet vibrations, that will seem spontaneous – experiences wrapped by joy, in tenable charms.


  Exchanged glances, even with strangers, will make them smile, because it may be Me smiling at them in your eyes. You recognized this moment of clarity that distant hour I know, of a spatial co-Presence, because you sensed its wonder, its presentation in Being – did you not?


  It is an experience anyone can have, and all that is needed is an invitation to the day.


  ‘Be in my day, Christ Jesus,’ is all anyone need say.”





     January 11, 2022


  “In the wait before My return, My servants, those who have pledged to serve me, must ever be focused on my Presence beside them. They should think of this discipline as a fashioning of themselves into delicate instruments, to be lifted by the musician in moments of urgency – then played to improbable, at times exquisite, perfection.


  ‘Be ye perfect, even as our Father in heaven is perfect,’ I said. While such a state is not possible of attainment on Earth, its pursuit alone is accompanied by Grace and heightens abilities towards the miraculous.


  Words spoken in key instances come to mind with ease, achieving an intended service, comfort or meet a need. Actions touched by grace in movement show economies of effort – where nuanced glances convey depths of understanding inside beauties of perception.


  Strive today for this intuitive state of receptivity to my urgings, requests, and encouraging touches to your shoulders, directing your way.


  Anyone who desires them can have these guidances, and play a role in this season to which you and many others have committed. Share my words openly, incline your heads – then receive My thankful blessing… inspiring your day.


  This touch will bring solace to your spirit, and lift it up in Grace.”





January 16, 2022


  “Arrays of comfort and joy are yours to have in your walk with Me. These will come unannounced in a certainty of surprise – and bring a smile, nearly childlike, to the pressures of your day. Let these breezes of fresh insight, and the integrity of new truths, leave their impress on your spirit to brighten your way.


  Then assured of your part in this, recognize with increasing alertness the sounds that hold My presence – and suggest an action – or an introspection to be considered and absorbed.


  Success in this discipline will reveal its wonder in time: In the perceptions it provides, in the tender vibrations of Love it will impart, and play, on the strings of any soul touched by My Light.”





     January 26, 2022


  “In this vital hour missteps must quickly be set aside, they are of no moment. Let them go.


  Conflicting desires, failure to complete a guidance, an intemperate weakness and succumbing to a fault are of no importance. Will stumbles happen? Yes. Is it wise to dwell on the place where they occur, to inspect the elements that caused them – like a broken stone in a runner’s path? No. 


  Keep on running, face to the wind, head uninclined. Too much is involved in this season for minor failings to have any concentrations that impede one’s progress, on the advances that have been made.


  These have not been insignificant. With the next effort will come greater success, with the next, greater still… until the goal is reached. Keep moving forward, quickly getting up when stumblings occur.


  I am there to assist like the coach who rushes out to the child in his care, toward his young runner’s fall.”




      February 7, 2022


  “There is laughter in Heaven and a joy unspeakable that is pure, vibrant, all-cells possessing. In mature baptism this condition is experienced to some measure, and its reality has been known down the centuries. But when it comes at the end of one’s Earthly life, all that is not of its essence falls away, in the transition to a Peace and a stature free of pain, inside one’s return to eternal Youth.


  There is no illness, no old age, in the Heavenly realms, in one’s true Home – there is only Love, the sanctity of colors and a Music one hears with every fiber of one’s being – of gentle touches in a companionship of Beauty.


  Anticipate this glory at the end of your earthly days. Then, as much as possible, embrace the truth that its tender vibrations are available to all, that the air of Paradise is everyone’s to breathe while still on Earth –


in the Kingdom of Heaven that is all around, and inside of you.


  Yet this beauty does not come without effort, without a commitment to know and feel its Presence. No, there must first be the desire, a controlling of emotions – and, critically, the pushing away of one’s ego-driven perceptions and behaviors, the most difficult task of all.


  One has to be oneself, it is commonly said by many. But One needs to be One Self, is the higher goal – at One with all.


  And simple is the teaching that brings your Soul to this place, this impending Kingdom, as has been written: ‘Let no vibration stir your being that is out of harmony with Heaven’s music’.”




     February 20, 2022


  “Invite Me into your day, into the minutes of your day, so that Grace can inform all that you do and say in those moments. There will come an increasing ease in this practice which, once adopted, will help those with whom you meet sense something unique in their interactions with you, an openness, an opportunity to learn and grow. This will not be forced, but will come as a welcome to something new, refreshing in its insight about Being present at all times, in all situations.


  Start this invitation by silently breathing in My name, ‘Jesus’ – and what will follow will be helpful to the circumstance you find yourself in, and not just for you but the one or ones you are with. Take comfort in and rejoice that this ever-present service is here for engagement, to the benefit of all.”




     February 22, 2022


  “By degrees, not in a perfect moment, comes the Season of healing you and many have hoped for. This is because with My healing touch, there must be the desiring heart and a reciprocal, genuine humility for its engagement: Not just the mind’s belief, but the Soul’s readiness for the elements which may, MAY, have brought an illness – to be gone, with their negative energy forever dismissed from one’s spirit, mind and body, as what is needed.



  The simple gesture of touching the stone’s image in the stream carries that energy for oneself or a loved one, is its visible proof – is the act of humility… just as the Old Testament general’s bathing in the River Jordan brought about his healing from leprosy – an action he resisted when it was requested by My servant Elisha – which he then performed at the urging of his lieutenant, and the bathing made him whole.


  It has been said that to enter the Kingdom of Heaven one must come as a little child. So are there not in the touching of an image and repetition of a prayer to be healed, an honesty and a childlike humility?


  Then come as a little child, and My touch will be there, waiting, inside the waters of one’s healing. This may come in an instant – or in hours, or days, or more – but if the heart’s inmost desire it will come as spirit, mind and body, all three, become whole in you, or in someone you cherish and pray for.


  Remember I Am the Cornerstone still of all that is wholesome, sure and Loving for you and everyone, for the benefit of all.”


[The reference made to the image of a stone is to a healing prayer depicted on the Healing page.]





     February 28, 2022


  “What is the cost of delayed action towards an ideal state of receptivity, of alertness to the slightest guidance? It is a sense of staleness, a believed lack of movement forward that only a renewed commitment to listening will remove. Make that re-committal this day, this hour, and believe in everything you’ve been shown, for it is all true, as you become formed in Me, inside the heart of Love, Kindness, and caring for all.”



[The writing below came in answer to my question about the spoiling of Ukraine, and why so many  repetitious cruelties  across Earth’s history.]

    March 20, 2022:


  “The turmoil on Earth has one source alone, the one referenced in scripture as he who ‘goes about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he can devour’ – there is no other source. It is Luciferian darkness, manifesting as itself in the form of human beings, of willing channels, for its malevolent energy and designs.


  And in its path innocence and a beneficent humanity are harmed or destroyed.


  Why, it is asked, is this allowed? God’s children have been given free will, and it is never taken away from them. The counterbalance to the havoc and evil they often enact, comes with their arrival in the non-physical realms, when they see what they performed, what they wrought in the physical.


  Yet no unending punishment is given then or ever, whose cruel disproportion would be empty of all mercy. Even for them in that moment, there is given the chance (repeatedly) to change, to alter who they have become, balanced by the weight of fairness towards the siblings they once injured.


  As is written, ‘What one sows, one will someday reap’ :  in another earthly embodiment?


 Yes. As in the learnings Earth’s actors experience through the many roles they play, so is it with consecutive earthly lives. Growth in being, spiritual and mental, accrues across time.


  There is no physical death to one’s true life in the soul, it is a portal only.


  The riches of Heaven for the majority act in regular balance to this – to what is seen and experienced on Earth – as, immediately, all harms dissolve when ascending souls return.


  There is a complement of rejoicing and relief then, with sometimes embarrassment at the rigid positions that some openly, and some secretly, held with respect to their inherent divinity – it is instantaneous, breathtaking, and uplifting to all.


  Remember the words I spoke when on Earth, in reference to the Psalm: ‘I have said, ye are gods, and all of you are children of the Most High.’ Try to absorb this, its significance and enormity. All are children of Divinity, you and I.


  Breathing the sweet air of Heaven again, seeing its presentation of images and forgotten colors, once more hearing its Music and touching anything with an impress that is more like a child’s – all these combine to support the writing for ascending spirits that, ‘God will wipe away all tears from their eyes.’


  Perennial youth is the condition of Heaven, always, where the rigorous schoolings of earth with its birth, living and ‘dying’ having no place – that schoolroom where your spirit abides in flesh for a time to learn, across many seasons, how to Love unconditionally – which ‘interludes in the flesh’ serve as parentheticals to the much larger life, the one lived in the Spirit…


  where Love just IS, and in the higher spheres tenderness and splendor reign in every heart.”




This coda came at the end of the above writing:

  “As for the unmoved unrepentant, not even for these is there the unbalanced cruelty of eternal punishment; after countless chances there will ultimately come to these few withdrawal of my Breath of Life, an end to Love’s rejection which cannot travel into Eternity, marring its Light.”




     March 27, 2022


  “The earth is a spiritual battleground, where the forces and principalities of evil oppose all that the majority regard as good, decent and appealing in human nature. If this majority were not present, anarchy would rule the planet and oppress those living, caring lives lived for family, friends and even strangers.


  Truly, the reality is: the majority of embodied spirits are essentially kind, empathetic and fundamentally gracious towards one another.


  Witness the inclination, the rush to help in times of crises, whatever these may be – in every culture it is the same committed impulse of the majority of Earth’s inhabitants. What is the reason behind this first response?


  Its spark is found at the center of every being, whether in conscious awareness or no:  It is the soul’s recognition of ‘others’ as sister, as brother, at the level of Spirit in their mutual condition of Light.”




     April 2, 2022


  “Progress in my service runs a course through failures large and small, through lapses in obedience, through disappointments in oneself, until with each step away from these awareness comes that they were as nothing compared to the Light in all – when gray days become seen as waves receding into a pool of fading self-indictments, that dissolve in the sun of Righteousness – and bring a humility the missteps caused.


  That needful humility held in My words, ‘… My power is perfected in weakness,’ and in these, ‘For when I am weak, then I am strong.’"




     April 4, 2022


  “When compassion and tender humor combine, see the qualities of heaven – a connection in unexpected harmony that is immediately recognized in the moment, in its smiling empathy, appropriate to the occasion. Captured in three words on a sign, to address a discomfort – where did those empathetic syllables come from? From the economy of Heaven… for which you were listening, and was sent its answering design.”


[Written the morning after a formal Gala event at our local college, where I drive the safe-ride shuttle. In seasons past I had witnessed women students immediately removing their heels on leaving the venue and walking barefoot, sometimes on icy sidewalks, back to their residences. So I made a sign that I placed near our parked vans, with the words: ‘HEELS HURT? RIDE –’ which received a warm and giggling reception by many students as they entered our shuttles.]





       April 5, 2022

  “In times of Earthly struggles, when the worst in human nature seems ascendant, there see the hour for prayer, for empathy in action, for consideration of opportunities to relieve the stress in ‘others’ lives. For all are your sisters, your brothers, in fleshly dress – Beings of light, and divine in nature.


  This reality may seem difficult to engage, and at times impossible to see, given the actions of some who betray their own higher selves, casting layers of selfishness over their expanding egos and diminishing light.


  Pray for them as well – that before they return to the non-physical realms, they may see the errors in their behavior and make amends while still embodied – and when guided to do so, gently urge their turning to Me for help, for forgiveness, for guidance, to accelerate their return to wholeness and Heaven’s welcome, as once lost and confused children now bathed by My Light.


  Difficult will be this exercise towards those who have caused much pain to others, brought senseless cruelty, spoiled the Earth; but in its accomplishment there lies a magnanimous beauty, the tender state of Being found in the Father’s embrace, of His Prodigal Child.”





      April 19, 2022

  “Envision the clearest state of Being you may, that holds a vibrant tenderness in the moment with Joy its complement, in each touch and in every movement – and you will comprehend a fragment of what your destiny is as a Child of God.


  Then consider the opposite, found in Earth’s doctrines of eternal punishment, where one’s condition of Being is an embracing darkness of unending hurt, of separation from all that would comfort and relieve – a place from which there is no escape – for the sins of one lifetime, or the error of non-belief; consigned forever to an applied state of harm.


  All of this created by a God of Love.


  Imagine a saved minority in the higher place then, abiding in realms of Joy, knowing that in the believed lower condition they have loved ones, family members and friends, a son or daughter who in maturity could not embrace the reality of God yet who lived selfless lives, as a lay missionary, gifted musician or surgeon, now suffering without any hope of release by death… while a ‘Christian’ minority, in counterpoint, lived in bliss with Me.


  How comfortable could their Joy be in such an eternity? Knowing the Source of their comfort also condemned ones they once knew and loved to suffer forever, brothers and sisters to them, the Father’s own sons and daughters to Him, My brethren to Me.


  Shake off any belief then in a place of eternal misery, like dust on the unprincipled dogmas it represents, written by fallible men who listened to whispers from the enemy of Love – to achieve the Satanic ends he fashioned, the rejection of Me and My Father by ones who could not accept such a horrific fate for anyone, or believe in any being who would create it.


  Now, here, must be inserted and finally understood the words of My servant, James, ‘… (God’s) Mercy triumphs over judgment.’ With Paul,


  ‘…to this end we both labor and suffer reproach, because we trust in the living God, who is the Savior of all mankind, especially of those who believe.’”




       April 25, 2022

  “Let love and laughter be the mainstays of each day. Look for the joy in the moment, present a friendly smile, a knowing gesture in every appropriate circumstance – the action to take and the right words to say, those most comforting, will come to you then as leaves upon a stream.


  As was your reply, lifting the spirit of a jaded worker and all who heard it, will inspirations come to touch each need: when you link the occasion, and stay attuned, to My Spirit of Love.


  The perceiving that heals and the felicity of Heaven reside therein.”





      May 3, 2022

  “In time the expansiveness you are beginning to feel will be the norm, and your movements become more considered, aligning with the Grace abiding in Divine source, in the very air you breathe. For this to happen, you must stay in My presence as I make known to you My will and My requests become more recognized and carried out each day.


  This will be an exciting time as you learn to walk with Me and stay attentive to my whisperings at all times and in every place. Keep ever that state of mind that looks upon all as your brethren, who also have Me at the center of their being – as the living breath of their souls.


  This is a truth so few know, yet those who accept and believe fail to walk in step with.


  Be as one who wills to have that singleness of vision to know My will, that the Heavenly design may unfold as planned and ‘your whole body become full of Light’.


  The way of blessing for others then may be found in these words: ‘Christ Jesus in me let your will be done.’


   As interior prayer repeated by ones who follow Me they have the power to change your world, and transform all who adopt it.”


[ In explanation of Matthew 6:22 – “The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light. ]




May 9, 2022

  “To have potential life forced into them which women believe they cannot care for intimately, or was not the affectionate result of love, is not the design of our Father for any of His daughters.


  In the initial season of gestation, what is growing is not an embodied soul but an evolving garment for a soul’s embodiment, in which the soul is not yet present – this tender moment of entry comes when the first breath is taken, with My breath accompanying.


  Yet that garment is precious in its early formations and should not be discarded without counsel and prayer. And the deeper into that formation, much less should the outcome be one of termination.


  But no punishment for anyone involved should attend such an action, that is not the will of the Father for His children – for Spirit life is continuous, and there is no death.


  While the soul is not in its future garment at conception, when the youthful soul draws near the mother the heart starts beating, and the relationship with the parents begins – or it is resumed from a past embodiment, or even several such – showing the importance for an atmosphere in the home of reflection, peace and, yes, even instruction in that special season which some mothers impart.

  But unwanted life was never part of Heaven’s plan, where a mother’s life is in danger, where force was present at conception, where adequate care for a child is without personal or other remedy; let the mother’s free will, and counsel with her Doctor and with Me, decide the better course to take for her and all souls involved.


  Convenience should not be the central arbiter in these, life’s hardest decisions; but neither should consideration for the arc of health and wholeness in people’s lives, that of the mother, of any child, be dismissed.


  Both need supplication to an answer in that hour.


  Yet what an innocent and magnanimous thing it is to embrace, what appears impossible, for those My daughters who think it may just be possible, however hard it will be.


  To each according their strength, to none un-forgiveness.”



    May 15, 2022


  “You have rightly imagined your inner self and that of all who wish to serve Me as having, or being, a type of tuning fork that absorbs my tapping energies, then sends them out in waves designed to comfort and to bless.


  From where, do you suppose, this image was given you?


  Imagine further then, that in this season you are daily polishing this instrument, keeping it clean, so that at any moment it can be touched by Me to cause waves that heal someone in need, convey words of solace or encouragement, engender Peace or just bring a smile and, yes, sometimes laughter.


  Cherish always My advocacies toward Love and Laughter.”





     May 18, 2022  


  “Think of your life as a series of frames in a film, each frame potentially one of attentiveness to My presence in it with you.


 Then consider a past frame in which this focus was prevalent, when your hearing was inclined to an urging from Me that brought felicity to the moment, through words that were spoken, causing laughter or bringing smiles.


  Then consider many more such frames, all of them resulting in a serendipity of wonder, at the planning they seemed to reflect yet spontaneously just seemed to happen, to everyone present, joyous interludes in time.


  Then further project into your life many such frames, when we are at One, becoming One with all – this will result in a life well lived: a film that will bring the greatest ascendancy to one’s soul at life’s ‘close’, at one’s departure from this Earthly theater – this often beautiful yet challenging schoolroom for the bravest Spirits in the universe.


  Your brothers and sisters.”





     May 28, 2022


  “Imagine My heart of Love and how tragedies involving children must be felt by Me, as much as in the hearts of suffering families – for all are My children, even the ones who bring destruction – those souls mastered by evil whose minds and hearts might have been changed by a follower of Mine, who failed to heed or hear the words I whispered, countering the Satanic force descending in them.


  Yet these too will repent and change one day.


  Redouble your efforts then to be My ready instrument, that you may not fail to convey in crucial moments presenting themselves, that counsel which can bring a reflection, a considered pause, altering a fallen one's course and the possessed behavior leading to harms beyond  human understanding…


  Remembering in all such tragedies, that when their earthly garments are taken from them, young Spirits are instantly with Me and unharmed, in their real Home – from which they can make known their true condition to you, wrapped by the Peace of Heaven, towards the ones they loved and left behind.


  Encourage all then to be sensitive to impressions from the world beyond earthly sight, meant to bring solace and comfort… they are not imaginings.


  And these can come in tender ways – as on a breeze holding reflections of cherished memories – or the known fragrance of the one now in My realm of Joy, of continuing growth, where All will meet again.


  In Spirit there is no death, and your life in learning and in our fraternity is continuous, yours and everyone you have ever loved.”



      June 2, 2022


  “You will find there is a greater and more sustained comfort within the disciplines being urged upon you, than in the repetition of the status quo – a healthier, a more vibrant condition will be yours that will make my requests of you, as a channel for my healing power, a reality in word and deed.


  Take the first steps that will alter the patterns you have become so accustomed to, knowing a better condition and presence of being will be the outcome.


  Keep to ceaseless prayer as your touchstone each day then, the sure discipline which will bring you to the place you seek – that gentle descent to the center of your heart, where its beauty will become self-repeating, and you will have gained everything that can be desired in Being.


  ‘Christ Jesus in me, let your will be done’ – is the only theology my followers need, the only doctrine necessary, for the soul’s greatest expansion:  Where one’s spiritual eye aligns with that singleness of purpose in knowing God’s will, and the whole body becomes full of Light, as has been written.


  Seeking to know and to do My will is the surest path to Joy, and Peace, and the Love that holds fast beyond all else, exquisite in its Presence – and in the higher Spheres leads all to the vibrancies of touching other souls, with they touching yours in reply.


  Ineffable, brilliant and tender will be these exchanges outside the realm of Time, as your Spirit’s luminous destiny.


  Come, follow Me, and I will make you fishers of souls.”





      June 5, 2022


  “The season comes near for wonders to unfold, for things beyond your most expansive imaginings to present themselves, lifting a world in need.


  At times an overshadowing will be clearly felt addressing the condition at hand, first on a private or personal scale, then as your faith and confidence grow will a larger net of healing be more broadly cast.


  Recall what I once said, that before My return greater things will be done than I did because I have gone to the Father. Has human history ever recorded such an expanse of time, or season for the miraculous?


  Apply yourself more each day to the disciplines I have encouraged, the attentiveness to Presence I have enjoined you to, such that any request I may make will be immediately sensed by you and acted upon, in the moment, at any hour.


  Minimize activities that do not accelerate this condition of receptivity, amplify the ones that do – it is no small part you have, and unneeded diversions are to be put increasingly aside.


  I cherish you and all My children, trust that all is and will be well.


  I watch over you, be confident in my protection on your behalf, and of My ever shielding Love.”




     June 10, 2022


 “Opportunities may come each day for words to be spoken or actions taken in keeping with your attentiveness to My Presence within and around you; keep ever sensitive to the unfolding of these moments and you will recognize their construct, their connection to beauty and benevolent design.


  For all who wish to be My servants, who ask to be used as channels for My Love, these special instances can come at any time – engaging the hearts of all who are present, to everyone’s benefit and upliftment in Being.


  There is no better place to Be than in the current of such intimacies, as they spontaneously develop and tenderly surprise.


  Live each day in anticipation of these, and your Soul will thrive.”





     June 11, 2022


“Considerations of disciplines and the partial engagement of them are not the same as clear adherence to their urgings, with a full heart and committed Spirit. You are making steady progress each day towards the goals of living in My Presence, of being constant in service and in prayer – let these incremental advances sharpen  your daily walk with Me, driven by attentiveness to each moment and all will be well with your Soul:  and our Friendship deepen, past the tenderness and  beauty it every day promises.


  Remember still then, to Love and Laugh – find evidences of Joy in all that surrounds you – for these are the antidotes to neutral conditions suppressing Heaven’s music, and the higher notes that stimulate the brightening of your Spirit and consciousness.”





 June 18, 2022


 “The beauty of our friendship does not depend on any perfect behavior of your own, but on the sanctity of your commitment to become more perfect, as our Father in heaven is perfect. In that striving then, in the willingness to rise after a stumble or failure, to see such for what they are – as challenges to that commitment and not diminishments of your intent or love for Me – comes the solace to your soul, the healing words to your saddened spirit.


  Would your dearest earthly friend treat you otherwise, in any other way?”




 June 21, 2022


  “Come to Me with your troubles, the unwanted impulses that stall your progress and leave them all with Me, sure of dismissal. All things, all shortcomings in behavior repented of are forgotten in the sweep of My Hand of loving forgiveness.


You, all of My children, are on a journey into a wholesomeness of being that doesn’t wait until a last day when all shall be lifted into Eternity with Me – your loved ones who have made their transitions from Earth, and left their physical garments, are already with Me and continuing this journey.


  Theirs is a reality of youthful life in spheres of bright activity, away from the challenges they knew on Earth, towards a wondrous and needed purpose.


  Speak this truth to everyone:  That spirit life is continuous and there is no death, no internment of the soul in ancient soil and a waiting there, asleep for centuries or millennia, to be awakened at Judgment. What a waste of Love’s energy that would be.


  No, consciousness is ever yours and alive, unquenchable, and travels past death’s door – the brightness of one’s spirit determining the brightness of the realm to which it ascends – but no place of eternal flames is the destiny of any child of Mine.


  Recognize where such a teaching finds its genesis, that keeps so many of My children locked in the thought forms of a neutral agnosticism or starker non-belief in Me, whose reasonings cannot accept the harshness of such cruelty.


  ‘Dying’ in this condition does not consign them or any to an eternity away from Me, at the least, or to a hell at the worst. No, there comes then just the dissolving of those thought forms in the moment, at the reality they ARE conscious still, while freed from their physical bodies:  the garments their spirits inhabited for a season – and in other seasons in ‘life after life’ – all designed to gain ascendancy towards an understanding of their condition in Being, as Children of destiny, Light of My Light.


  Let the prayer, ‘Christ Jesus in me, let your will be done’, be ever thy guidance, your spiritual North Star.”





     June 24, 2022


“Ripe is the harvest and few are the workers, is as true this day as it was when I said the words two millennia ago.


  Ignited by the beauty of Baptism in the Holy Spirit, there labored then as now, some followers of Mine who could breach no delay in sharing the Good News that the kingdom of Heaven is here on Earth to be felt, in and around all, for its season of blessing – within an infant’s world of more tactile touching, inside the cells of one’s body enveloped with Peace – in support of the truth that to enter the kingdom one must come as a child, and be born anew.


  Love and Joy beyond understanding are the hallmarks of the Pentecostal experience, and a sweetness in one’s breath, which may last for hours or days, or in some it may be weeks. Yet however extensive, the truth has been breached, of a vibrant dimension coexistent with the one known, that hints of something more beautiful and tender than the commonplace accepted as all there possibly is, or can be, on your Earth.


  Be as one of my followers who can bear no delay in telling and sharing this phenomenon in Being; and then as one willing to impart its beauty with all who are open to the Holy Spirit’s guidance, and with Mine:


  Offer the Gift.”





       June 27, 2022


  “Reborn – ‘No one can see the Kingdom of God unless they are born again.’ What was meant by these words of Mine, and how have they been interpreted, misused by some, applied by others to claim a condition of superiority over their brethren – even to the assertion that all who fail to embrace their understanding of it, and its sometimes ritualistic piety, stand condemned?


  Renewed, changed, was the intent of My words – not an imparted sense of primacy – influenced by the embrace and guidance of the Holy Spirit and ignited by the Peace that surpasses understanding.


  The tender ritual of infant baptism does not provide such renewal, cannot reflect any uplifting change, for how can it in a babe already innocent and pure?  By surrogacy is made the claim that such a ceremony carries the like impress on the soul, as that baptism performed when one has reached the age of reason, is freely spoken the prayer of repentance, and invited the gift and Presence of the Holy Spirit into their lives… an error, a mistake in understanding is the belief in this substitute agency, however well intended it may be.


  While beautiful and tender is the ceremony of infant baptism, and the spirit of its consecration should continue as it does… it must not be seen as a substitute for that achievement of the soul in its maturer years, when with adult reasoning there comes the choosing of good over its opposite, and a seeking of the better guidance that comes from a relationship with the Divine, in diminishment of the lesser self that is more earthly and egoistically confined.


  This is the seeing of the Kingdom of God, while on Earth.


  Encourage that prayer and posture of repentance then, the seeking of mature Baptism in the Holy Spirit in My Name, Jesus, with or without the agency of water – as inferred by My servant John, ‘He who comes after me will baptize… not with water, but with the Spirit and with Fire.’

  You have known the wonder and tender vibrancies of such Baptism in this life, of the gentle warmth of that Fire – share its beauty freely with everyone.


  And give the Gift of it, to all who ask.”





      July 3, 2022


 “From the center of every soul, as its breath of Being, I wait to be invited from that Secret Place into one’s heart – this is the revelation of rebirth and of Baptism in the Holy Spirit.


  At that invitation there is no distance to be breached, for I AM there, in all, so intimately close – and yet to the spirit ruled by its lesser self, afloat in its own wants and ruled by its own desires, I seem not to be present and cannot be felt, so dense are the layers of egoistic formulations which silence My ‘still, small voice’ and keep Communion with Me at bay.


  Then it is, in the posture of repentance that is the Pentecostal moment and experience, that these layers are vanquished for a season, that kept one from feeling the Presence Divine. Wondrous is that time – in its sweetness of breathing, in its tactile sensations and in the brilliance of all color – an intimation this of Heaven’s all-senses-possessing beauty, and tender design.


  Make the offer still of Baptism in the Holy Spirit, to any who may ask, it is theirs for the receiving.


  No course of study is needed, it’s ‘Come as you are’, with just a posture of humility the single request.”





      July 10, 2022


  “In the silence come My words to guide, to encourage, to uplift towards ever greater spiritual growth and accomplishment. In that secret place near the heart, where one’s attention inclines to perceive the Light stream of consciousness, ever there to bless your soul’s journey, I AM present.


  I AM, the answer given to Moses when he asked whose Presence he was in on the mount – is still My reply today.  Be present in every moment then and strive for that season when our moments become as One, your desire to serve and bless having no space of separation from Mine.”

                                          IN SCHOOL AGAIN

   "I just read some of the elements on your site and want to read more. What you say is what my Dad said when he came to me in a dream after his death. He said he was back in school again, and that there was so much to learn."

CW, Lewiston, ME

*  *  *

                                                                                  A  SPECIAL RING  RETURNED

   During her final year, my mother and I were reading aloud from an 'Angels on Earth' digest. It's a  monthly whose stories are all personal re-tellings of believed visitations by heavenly messengers – men and women who appear in the stories, often mysteriously to remedy or save a situation, then just as unexplainably leave. After reading one of the re-countings about one heavenly visitor, I was reminded of the experience Mom herself had about 8 years ago.

   Mom was living in her apartment at the time, at a  large residence for the elderly, where I often joined her in its first-floor restaurant during my lunch break from work. One noontime when I approached the table she was waiting at I could see she was teary-eyed. When I asked her what was wrong she held up her left hand and said she'd lost her diamond ring, the beautiful one my Dad had given her on their 25th Anniversary.

   My father owned a jewelry store for over three decades, and it was a very nice ring.

   I asked her if she'd told the people in administration and she said she had, and they had put up a notice on the building's bulletin board. And, she said, I'm going to “pray to St. Anthony” (who is known as the Patron Saint of lost objects in the Catholic Faith).

   Days and then weeks went by and there was no return of the ring, and I was sure it was gone forever.

   Visiting for lunch again after a month had passed I approached Mom where she waited at her table and I saw she was beaming, and I asked her why the broad smile. She held up her hand and showed me the ring.

When I asked her what happened she said the evening before, when she had returned from an afternoon with her friends and was standing in the lobby of her building, trying to decide whether she wanted to eat at the restaurant, or go up to her apartment to have something there -- she felt a tap on her shoulder.

   When she turned around a tall, well-dressed man in a full-length wool coat stood there, the type of coat one rarely sees these days she said. He was attractive, had a mustache, and he simply said:

   “Is your name Anita?"

   “Yes,” she said, surprised.

   “And you've lost your ring?”

   “Yes,” she said.

   Without saying anything more the man removed the ring from his pocket, took her hand and placed it on the correct finger, and left before she could thank or say anything to him.

   She said she had never seen him before, nor had anyone else, and she never saw him again.


about photographer hero shot.jpg


                                                                            A GLIMPSE INTO ENLIGHTENMENT


  “This experience of many years ago doesn’t fall inside the three parameters set for this page, but it does relate to one of the main themes put forth in Our Brilliant Eternity from its outset.


   I won’t go into the details that led up to this experience here because that would test the length boundaries encouraged, suffice it to say this experience stemmed from a moment I might characterize as a gesture of conditionless giving. 


   The setting was a beach in California.


   Following the referenced gesture, I went for a walk alone along the shore where I’d been interacting with a male and female friend, when suddenly I was overwhelmed with a peace and a sense of love beyond anything I had ever felt before. 


   And it was very clearly shown to me in that moment that the catalyst for this experience was the giving over of my greatest desire, for the love of a friend.  I gave up my attachment and desire for her, for the joys of another.  The reward was a bigger love than I could comprehend.


   My sense of freedom exploded into uncontrollable joy, which kept growing intensely.  Something got triggered inside which I could not understand, but it just kept expanding into the biggest love I could fathom. It was so powerful that I had to stop and sit and reflect to get some perspective.  I asked internally for understanding as the energy was getting to be more than I thought I could handle.


   This energy was relentless in its expansion.  No question could exist in my consciousness that did not have an accompanying answer.  I would grab handfuls of sand and squeeze it out through the cracks between my fingers in an effort to deal with the overload of energy.


   This consciousness is beyond anything I ever imagined could exist. The love seemed to be saturating all the space around me and I couldn’t distinguish a source. It was like the essence of everything. 


   Every morning for weeks on end I would awaken to the same elevated, unconditionally loving space which eventually made me think that it would be forever that way.


   After a couple months the intensity of this experience did diminish, but the accumulative effect was that I lived in a new reality, redefining love and the kind of consciousness that I wanted to live in.  This experience was so profound that I did not speak of it for over a decade.”  


                                                                                                                                                                             SB, Mt. Shasta,  CA
















Note: This friend’s experience  of a glimpse into Enlightenment mirrors one this author describes, using identical terms, in several chapters of Our Brilliant Eternity and in the book’s introduction, And Also Heaven. Though its context was different – the sweet condition of Being and consciousness described above was the same, lasting for weeks.
In both instances, the assertion of 'heaven being within, and all around us', was exquisitely and overwhelmingly
confirmed – as well the claim made by quantum physics that parallel dimensions exist, one being
 this: of the other-worldly reality of God’s loving energy occupying our physical space. 


                                                           *  *  *

Shasta 2.jpg


                                                                                               A  MOUNTAIN  MIRACLE


    I knew a woman years ago, Barbara was her name.


   “Do you know my story?” she asked as we sat in a coffee shop across the street from where our vehicles were being repaired, in the mid 1980s, in Redding, California.


   “I heard you had been through chemotherapy a few years back, and had come through it okay,” I said.


   Barbara was not then a close friend, but someone I had met over the years at gatherings in the mountain town where we lived, forty miles north of the city we now were in.


   “Twice,” she replied, “and during the second stretch of therapy, when I became sicker than the first time, which had been awful, I decided it was better to just pass on, and I stopped trying to get well, I gave up on living and ended the chemo.”


           One Easter Morning 


   “But friends who didn’t want to see me leave or suffer anymore invited me to an Easter sunrise service that spring, at the cabin on the mountain where therapy and massage work are done. You know the one?”


   “Yes,” I said.


   “And so even though I’d given up, I finally said, ‘yes,’ to their invitation.”


   “And you went that Sunday.”


   “Before dawn,” she said. “We all met at the cabin, and after they helped me onto one of the massage tables there, they held hands around me and started singing hymns as the sun came up. And as I laid there with my eyes closed listening to their singing, suddenly I saw a golden hand appear, full of light, and it passed slowly from the top of my head down through my body and out the bottoms of my feet. And I knew that in that instant I was healed, that I was feeling no more pain or discomfort, that my cancer was gone. And when I went to see my doctor that week, he confirmed the tumor had disappeared, that he didn’t know why, but it was gone, when he had given me only a few more months to live.”


   “After I told him what had happened, he just shook his head and said it was a mystery to him, but that spontaneous healings like this were known to occur.”


   “And I wasn’t even a Christian,” she said, “I considered myself a Buddhist and told people that even though I was a follower of Buddha, that Jesus had healed me from the cancer.”

                                                                                                                                         From Chapter 2 of 'Our Brilliant Eternity'

                                                                *  *  *

                                             WRITTEN IN A DREAM

  "As a writer I keep a notebook by my bed, in case inspiration for something should present itself while sleeping.


   During a night of interrupted sleep years ago, this poem came to me, one line at a time, how many minutes apart during the night I don’t know, and they were not in this order – until I found what follows in my notebook on awakening.

   I looked at the lines, which had no logical sequence, until I saw their potential rhyme scheme, which just needed reordering, and this is what I found:

                        And we, one day, shall be as these
                            Who move without a movement’s sound,
                        Whose gentle sight but beauty sees,
                             And touch a Golden Peace surrounds.

                        And Love’s expectant joy beholds,
                             In them the coming of the King –
                       Whose sovereignness but Freedom holds
                             And rule a lasting treasure brings.

                        And we, one day, shall be as these
                            Whose seamless robes of Light are spun,
                        Upon whose brows a jewel reveals
                            Our Sonship with the King’s begun.

                         And we, as these, one day will be  – "


*  *  *

about photographer hero shot.jpg


    "Four months after my mother died, on a warm July evening,  I was having a particularly difficult night and missing her – an ache I felt deep in my bones. I always keep my sliding glass doors open with the screen door closed. Two weeks prior, I hung a small set of chimes above the sliding glass doors. My mother adored chimes and had several hanging inside and outside of her home.


    My Golden Retriever always sleeps on the floor on my husband’s side of the bed. On a Friday night, my husband was away. Indy and I went to bed. Two hours later, I awakened for no particular reason. I heard in my head, “Check on Indy.” It was very strange, but I walked around the bed and Indy was not lying on his dog bed. “He must be in my office,” I thought. but I couldn’t find him anywhere.


    I called to him and clapped my hands. Nothing. My heartbeat quickened because I have a small place and couldn’t imagine where he could be.  It’s important to note, I live in a condo, so Indy never goes outside without me, and always on a lead. Again, I heard, “Open the front door.” When I opened the door, Indy was strolling up the walkway.


    To say I was astounded, dumbfounded, etc. would be an understatement. I was frightened and confused. How did Indy get out? I knew I didn’t let him out, because again, he’s always on a lead. I went to back to bed and Indy went to lie on his dog bed. Just as I was drifting off to sleep, I heard the windchimes, except it was a calm July evening. There was no wind. “Mom” I thought. Indy was walking toward the sliding glass doors. I saw the windchimes moving. I walked over, moved the curtain, and realized that I had left the slider open but never shut the screen door, which is how Indy got out.


    I have no doubt that Mom awakened me that night. She’s the one who told me to open the front door. She’s the one who rung the chimes to alert me the screen door was open."

                                                                                                                                                                                     SC, Portland,  ME

*  *  *

“Earth life is just a parenthetical… to real life… the life of the Spirit.”

                                                                             From ‘God Calling’ in OBE   


Author’s Note:  Because there is so much potential for confusion and distraction in the world of spirit communication (thus the Scriptural caution to “Test the spirits, to determine if they are from God…”), the parameters for this section were set to people’s private experiences – whether these were a grief-eliminating dream, a believed angelic visitation, or NDEs.

Yet on seeing this invitation page, a dear friend shared that she and her sister had received personal and uplifting messages from their deceased father and brother, in a session with a well-known medium, and inquired if she might share them here.

I thought for just a moment and said, Yes. Because I had met her father a number of times, and found him to be a really genial man, a deeply-talented artist, who had professed atheism during his lifetime. This was enough for me to want to hear presumed communications with his believing daughter, after he made his transition.

This is my friend’s experience, in her words:



  “My sister and I had a fantastic experience talking with a well-regarded West Coast medium. We talked to him on FaceTime and I was glad we were together so we were sure of what we were hearing. We both took notes.

  We were hoping to communicate with our father and our brother and we were amazed and overjoyed at the detailed messages we received, including things that only family members could have known.

  Our brother said that Papa, our dad, was there to meet him when he passed on and that Papa‘s mind is normal again, (no more Alzheimer’s). He said they joke around and climb mountains together. He said he has built a beautiful home on a shore and he can’t wait to show it to us. He said, ‘It’s so amazing here! Claudia could have an island of puppies!’


  He said to tell his wife that he treasures the memories of their time together and is very proud of how their children have turned out. He is glad they continue to love hiking and skiing and spending time in nature. He said he’s glad his son is planning to marry and that the woman he’s marrying is very good for him. He said he worries about his daughter putting too much pressure on herself.

  Then it was our father’s turn. He told David that he was very proud of all his children and grandchildren and enjoys watching over us. He said that he is happy that our mother has found love again and that she is traveling and enjoying life.

  In our second session my dad showed David the places he likes to spend time now, which is a Joshua-tree like desert, and the Mediterranean landscape, especially Greece. Those both sounded right to me. My dad loved Greek and Roman art and history, and knew so much about it.   


  Another wonderful part was when I asked my brother if he might come back in the future. Without my telling him so, the medium said, 'You have 4 children, your sister and brother each have two, and your brother says, ‘Of course I can come back, and cause trouble for you guys.  I have so many options.' (He was never any trouble, except by falling prey to depression, but it sounded like the way he would joke.) I never expected to have so much evidence from the other side. I hope to continue learning more!”

                                                                                                                                                                       CM, San Francisco,  CA

*  *  *

parallel image 2.jpg
healing brook.jpg


  "That we are all in this together, whatever the inclinations of our faiths, was brought home to me in another experience I also had during those years in California. At the invitation of a Jewish friend to meet his visiting Buddhist instructor, I said yes to joining them at a local restaurant for dinner.

  When this elderly teacher, a very gracious woman who was nearly blind, learned that I was a Christian, she said that there was a book I must read, a classic in Christian mystic literature, titled The Way of the Pilgrim. It was a book about the importance of practicing the discipline of ceaseless interior prayer. (Here was a Buddhist teacher, whose faith is steeped in meditation, strongly encouraging me to read a classic in Christian literature which had the same focus.)

  Days after this encounter and without the time to secure the book, I traveled to visit my lovely sister, in Hawaii, whom I’d not seen in several years. As I walked into the living room of her home I saw a paperback on her table still on the bag it was pulled from, its receipt on top.

  It was:  'The Way of the Pilgrim'.

  “When did you get this book?” I asked.

  “Yesterday,” Suzanne said. “I was in a bookstore and it looked interesting so I bought it. I haven’t started it yet.”

  Astounded, I said, “Mind if I read it?” “No,” she said, “be my guest.”

      Chapter Review

  Recapping the personal experience shared above:  A Jewish adherent to Buddhism, and one of my dearest brothers, introduced me to his elderly Zen instructor. She recommended a Christian prayer manual to me.


  A week later and without knowledge of this encounter my sister bought that book the day before I arrived at her home in Hawaii – and its reading led to one of the three most profound spiritual experiences I have had in this life.

  Tell me we are not all connected in a marvelous way, in a remarkable play, and that we are not all God's children."

                                                                                                                                             From Chapter 2 of 'Our Brilliant Eternity'

                                                                *  *  *

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