No events are scheduled at this time. Book signings and other events are planned after the featured book, Our Brilliant Eternity, is released -- 
soon available on Amazon.

I took this photo one autumn years ago, along a highway in Maine -- I didn't know at the time that its dual imagery would one day serve as the cover for a book that would include writing on parallel dimensions.

Some recommended readings, among many I could suggest:

'Proof of Heaven' ‒ 'A Neurosurgeon’s Journey into the Afterlife', 'Living in a Mindful Universe' and 'The Map of Heaven'  by

Dr. Eben Alexander.  Please visit


'Saved by the Light'  and 'Secrets of the Light'  by Dannion Brinkley.  Please visit


'On Life after Death'  by Elisabeth Kubler Ross.


'Love Wins'  by Pastor Rob Bell.


'The Gospel of Inclusion'  by Bishop Carlton Pearson.


Books about the life and work of Edgar Cayce, from A.R.E.  ‒
    the Association for Research & Enlightenment in Virginia Beach, VA.


'A Course in Miracles'  by Helen Schucman.


The Books of Dr. David R. Hawkins from Veritas Publishing


         Especially 'Discovery of the Presence of God'  and:


     'The Eye of the I'

    ' I, Subjectivity & Reality'

     'Along the Path to Enlightenment'


' I Can See Clearly Now'  by Dr. Wayne Dyer.


' The Way of the Pilgrim'  by Anonymous.


'The Varieties of Religious Experience'  by William James.



There are so many more who have sought the Truth ‒ regarding this flight of ours through Time.
And my most favorite two books are these, written by an English woman in the early 1930s. They are the Lord's own words as heard by the writer, and present a Consciousness that is without compare.

With the devoted friend who held her in prayer, they chose to remain anonymous.
Both books are available New and Used on Amazon.


Content and Copyright by Paul Baribault, December 2019. All rights reserved.

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