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and for the featured book, Our Brilliant Eternity.

The author's  passion for writing is very evident in this book and in his About bio. In 'Our Brilliant Eternity' his articulated Christian upbringing merges with mystical experience and a life-long philosophical exploration to provide the reader a roadway to the integration of different paths of discovery, and the understanding of human Life.  This deepest work of his life is revealed in the book I feel, the culmination of the many writing projects he references.  From plays and Shakespearean-like sonnets to screen plays, creative children's stories to poetry and prose, his ability to articulate diverse aspects of the human experience is put to the test in 'Our Brilliant Eternity'.  Take your time with this book, and a deepened understanding of Life will emerge.

SB, Mt. Shasta, CA.

Insightful, illuminating and enjoyable! 'Our Brilliant Eternity' explores essential mysteries such as whether we see evidence of a vengeful or a loving Creative Spirit 'behind the scenes' of our lives. Highly recommended!

CM, McCloud, CA.

My 9-year old niece loved 'Sleepyheads'! She loved the pictures!! She gives it a nine out of ten. The only part she didn't quite follow was when Jami and Sammy went to England... she said it went really fast and was hard to follow there. BUT she said she wants to have that book on her bookshelf.  She is an avid reader.  She read the whole thing this morning... she raved about every picture... I had to look each time.  She just loved it! The story grabbed her, one sitting and she needed to finish it!

SR Teacher, Actor/Director, Portland, ME.

 A sweet retelling of the classic tale. 'Yudy, the Ugly Duckling' will take youngsters on a wild ride from the barnyard, over forestland and “around the world.” Interesting, funny and scary characters -- from Yudy’s sibling flock to Mrs. Drumathump and her top cat to a philosopher turtle -- help Yudy to grow and learn. Through all these lessons, he has great adventures in the wide outdoors. As the seasons pass, Yudy discovers so much more about himself and, ultimately, where he truly belongs.

CC, Bowdoinham, ME

Each generation needs its fairy tales retold to keep them fresh and relevant. Paul Baribault’s "The Cobbler’s Cape " is a modern version of Hans Christian Andersen’s The Emperor’s New Clothes, transforming it from a brief tale into a hearty play for voices, complete with scenes, sound effects, and multiple characters. The honest cobbler and his daughter Lil are not the only subjects to notice that the Emperor is parading around in his undershorts—the whole town sees that. But only the cobbler, out of his gentle heart, takes action. Rather than embarrassing and exposing the foolish monarch, he sends Lil to the rescue, carrying the cobbler’s old cloak, so the Emperor can cover his body and recover his dignity. This will be a favorite bedtime story for children lucky enough to have it read to them, and it would also be suitable for acting out in the classroom.

DW, Poet, Middlebury, VT

'The Nightingale's Song' is a delightful re-imagining of Hans Christian Andersen's classic fairy tale, enriched with new characters, plot twists and “Who's on first” verbal comedy. Baribault deftly embroiders on the poetry of Andersen's words and his themes of art, love, nature, life and death, directing fresh attention to perennial questions about the proper role of rulers in caring for the ruled. A lovely piece of readers' theater in clear, easy-to-speak language. Sure to be loads of fun to perform in the classroom and for parents to read to their children! 

GS, Writer, Harpswell, ME

'Our Brilliant Eternity' is a stunning book about life, God’s love and presence, belief in reincarnation, and the choices we make and the pure love that awaits us when our bodies die and our soul lives on. The Christian author explores these concepts throughout the book with supporting biblical passages, his own beliefs and explorations, and stories of people who have experienced near death experiences.

As a social worker, I’ve had the honor to work with people in intense pain and questioned the ongoing suffering of people and those who cause deep suffering. This book addresses some of the deeper questions I’ve had about the suffering and judgement that happens on earth and why we can be so cruel to each other. From the moment I picked up Our Brilliant Eternity, I could not put it down. The author’s gorgeous prose throughout the book struck me deeply. For example, on page 93 where Baribault, following a deeply personal spiritual experience, writes “One is born again. Even one’s breathing becomes new, as if clinging to the air’s molecules is an exquisite sweetness – the oxygen itself reflecting a vibrancy of life and giving a lovely sensation on touching one’s lungs – which have become like an infant’s again.”

I’ve dog-eared and reread numerous passages that gave me moments of pause and reflection. Baribault includes his own powerful stories of near-enlightenment, one through the ministry of a Franciscan priest, and several stories of people who have had near death experiences. One in particular that stunned me was about Dr. Eben Alexander, a renowned neurosurgeon and M.D graduate of Duke University. He was an adult-life atheist and believed that when the brain dies, the person dies. END of story. He held this belief until he was 54 years old and was struck by a rare illness and his own brain shut down. He writes, “yet I was encountering the reality of the world of consciousness that existed completely free of the limitation of my physical brain.”

Baribault brings light, love, and illumination to why we are here. We are not here to judge each other, but to love each other. We are brothers and sisters, regardless of our faith – or of no faith. There is no separation. We are part of a collective consciousness and God is loving and tender and everywhere. Thank you to this author for bringing such light, hope, and beauty into a world that can often feel frightening, cruel and harsh. I felt such a sense of hope when I finished this book.



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