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   Einstein said he wished, above all else, to "know the mind of God."  In 'Our Brilliant Eternity' is expressed the belief that somewhere inside us all... the same desire exists.  That in this poignant and complex theater we call Earth, this vital schoolroom, we are as students on visas, spirit beings playing many roles through time: to learn, to laugh and cry, to grow into a higher knowledge of Love's tenderest expressions -towards Enlightenment.


  Because God is Light, is Love, and in the end (which has no end) this is all there is, and it is all we need: Love for the Parent Creator of our souls, and love for one another.


  And we will all get there to a Oneness that is everyone embracive with nothing to be afraid of. 

About the Author

  The author’s first produced story was a Christmas musical, The Little Red Cap, presented by L.L. Bean in 1997 when he was a senior writer for that company’s iconic catalog. Following this stage adventure another, a dramatic-comedy – 'God Touches' – was produced at a Performing Arts Center in Maine in 2009 (viewable at Two years later the inspiration for his first children's book, 'Sleepyheads - Telling Dreams', arrived with the birth of a second grandson.


  Before and since a number of plays, a collection of sonnets, children's books and screenplays were composed, labors of love, as all writing has been since an early age.

  His four children's books are available from Amazon at

Our Brilliant Eternity is the writer's first work of nonfiction. Its sequel, Comedy & Grace, was released in 2022. Into The Presence will be released in 2024 completing the Trilogy – as a collection of messages received of the Lord Jesus beginning in 2015.


Sonnets written when the author was in his early thirties begin each chapter of 'Our Brilliant Eternity', their themes reaching into and reflecting the writing in each. Here are two of them.


Yet while the footsteps of return may pitfalls still ensnare,
  The climb begun must end in joy for all in whom He lives,
And transitory are such stays, delays on Freedom’s stair,
  In hearts affixed again on Him whose Will perfection gives.

For even when the way is steep, and seems no more a trail,
  There reaches down an arm to help and lift another step;
Or else unseen, beneath, is felt a hand which grasps the heel
  That guides the foot to surer place and comes from loving’s depths–

Compelling one who just before lost trust of further aid
  To look below and see whose palm it was his falling stilled,
His tear-filled eyes beholding then a sight for friendships made
  In that it was his kindred soul who just beneath him climbed.

And there upon the sheerest part did all the climbers meet,
As ones below helped those above, all touching hands and feet.

                               THE WAY HOME

First love’s joy let us instill in every breathing child
  For there is shining innocence as in a summer’s day,
And in the aged frame of years let us the image find
  Of life as our experience toward Light to gain the way.

From shadowlands, to village marts, at play in flowered fields,
  There let us love express as all our growth on Earth portrays,
Then kindness in our every act extend and never yield
  To willfulness the heart betrays where love of self’s displayed.

As well within the pureness of a lover’s sweet embrace,
  A sister’s care for brother, sons for fathers, fathers’ friends,
Inside a mother’s tender arms few others can replace
  There let us love regard as all that truth to beauty lends:

And to our every moment add Your gentle spell of Grace,
Our very hearts by this transform, the path of Light retrace.

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The faded parchment background for the God Touches site is a page from the original manuscript, which was composed, like most of the author's books, in longhand.

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