Welcome to Our Brilliant Eternity, a book about healing, of occasional humor, with dedication to this resonant truth: that inside every heart is the Light of Divinity, is the Presence of Heaven -- in reflection of a Oneness
that embraces everybody, excludes no one.


                            Here are the book's contents:                                  


            In Defense of Love
            On Universal Salvation

                                                          THE CHAPTERS

  1    Our Brothers' Keeper                                  


  2    Friends Before                                             


  3    Friends Again                                                       


  4    Into the Presence                                         


  5    A Brighter Theater                                                       


  6    For Whom the Bell Tolls  


  7    NDEs and the New Age of Reason             


  8    Enlightenment – Our Brilliant Eternity                 


      Appendix:  On Christ Consciousness            
            The Christ Sonnets

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                              FROM THE FOREWORD

  This work was not planned or foreseen. It followed no outline in its writing.

   It was at the invitation to write an article for an online Christian  magazine that its seed was initially planted.


  But the morning after the essay’s completion there remained a push of energy, an insistence of inspiration that hinted there was more. Eight chapters followed.


  This happens in the world of writing, and likely in every art: where a line leads to a volume of poetry – a series of steps to a sparkling work of dance – or four repeated notes, as in Beethoven’s Fifth symphonic work, to a wonder.


  While this book isn’t a symphony or volume of poetry, it has poetry in it and employs, it is hoped, the musical cadence and power of words: It uses art to challenge widely accepted teachings on Eternity that I believe are, and have been for centuries, taught in error.

  The doctrine of eternal punishment for an erring soul – for a fallen divine Child – being the central one; the unfairness of One-and-Done theology being another. And that the balancing fairness of reincarnation is not antithetic with Christianity.



                             FROM THE BOOK


'It will take eternity to understand Eternal Mind, and even Heaven will not be a place of stagnation. There will be deeper schools of consciousness to attend, soul-expanding celestial music to absorb, higher and more beautiful states of Being to be realized.'


'In the Light of Omniscience, what a hurtful thing would be the gift of free will from God’s Heart to us, if in its giving eternal suffering was for many souls foreordained.'


  'Truly there must be rents in the fabric of space and time – portals of Grace into other spiritual dimensions – which exist as a frequency of Love that is all about us,

unseen but there... '

' ... and ultimately we will all get there, to our present destination, back to our Home ‒ to our brilliant Eternity.'

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"A life of thoughtful kindness ensures a spirit-consciousness that will soar at life's end."

"Every man is a brother, every woman a sister. No child, no tender heart, should ever be told they must embrace the outcome of eternal suffering for any sister or brother soul."